Atif Hussain


Atif Hussain


I am the founder and Director of ICTToolBox, a tech consultancy company that offers advice to schools and small businesses on how to build a meaningful relationship with technology. You may visit the website here at

Atif Hussain


I offer my expertise as a consultant. I specialise in the use of Open Source Software in education, the introduction of Google Apps & Web strategies. Below are some of the companies I have consulted for: Egyptian Association for Educational Resources, HIA, 4ABCKID, WhiteWit, Artist Irelevant & many more.

Atif HUssain


As an advocator of Open Source Software and Web 2.0 in education, I have often been invited to speak at educational conferences across Egypt and International, at times participating as the key-note speaker. I have also conducted seminars and workshops.

Atif Hussain


I regularly write about IT in education & have published some of my articles. I am the founder of the ICT ToolBox & the technology editor for the Moments magazine. I am also a regular contributor to Maadi Messenger magazine, have a column at Dialogue Online and a contributor at International Education. Here is a link to some of the published articles.

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