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The Importance of ICT Needs For SEN & Gifted Students Explained

My recently self-published book ‘The importance of ICT needs for SEN & Gifted students explained’ was number two on Amazons hot new releases in Special Education and number 16 in overall Special Education section. The book covers as the title suggests the importance of understanding technology needs for the SEN & Gifted students. There is no denying that the Internet is an essential part of life for nearly half of the world’s population. Modern technology has served a host of purposes: from manufacturing to entertainment, technology plays a pivotal role in the development of civilization.
This is why Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have come to play a crucial role in the lives of everyday citizens.
In the developed world, ICTs afford unlimited opportunities. In the developing world, ICTs have opened doors to excluded social groups. These doors are opportunities to access culture, information, and education.
This newfound access to education has enabled millions of people around the world to access educational opportunities which had been previously inaccessible. These new educational opportunities are also now available to special needs education.


The Digital Mind: Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence (Coming soon)

“The Digital Mind” delves into the ways AI revolutionizes education, transforms workplaces, and reshapes interpersonal relationships. It explores the limitless possibilities of customized learning, the moral implications of AI-driven decision-making, and the tensions that arise between those who embrace AI’s potential and those who fear its dominance.

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